IPv4 Shortage

Due to large demand of brand new cloud server, we are under shortage of IPv4. You will be unable to create new cloud servers. This issue will be fixed in coming Monday morning HKT. We are so sorry to have troubled you.


**** UPDATED @2015-02-16****

IPv4 shortage issue fixed. All users are able to create their cloud servers now! We are now marching to 1000! Enjoy!

Brand New 36cloud

Over almost a year of preparations, we’ve given our website a makeover, but also a brand new service offering too! To celebrate, all new accounts now receive HK$39 in free credit to try our services!


  • - 100% SSD Storage
  • - Hyper Fast Intel Cores
  • - Hourly Billing
  • - Low Latency Locations
  • - Activate in seconds, online 24×7
  • - Private Networking

More features and more POPs are coming soon – stay tuned for updates!

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