Who is 36cloud for?

36cloud is a platform created for everyone who need to launch and scale their applications quickly. Additionally, 36cloud provides the perfect environment to play around on the command line and learn more about customizing their own servers.

What are 36cloud's key advantages?

36cloud is a simple and fast cloud hosting provider built for everyone with any needs. Customers can create a cloud server in seconds, and pricing plans start at only hk$39 per month for 512MB of RAM, 20GB SSD and 1 Core Processor CPU.

The 36cloud control panel interface is simple and intuitive, which power users can replicate on a larger scale with the company’s API. 36cloud uses KVM virtualization and additionally hosts a library of helpful walkthroughs and tutorials that cover server configuration and optimization.

What advantages does an SSD cloud server have over a shared hosting plan?

36cloud users can have their personal cloud server spun up and active in seconds. Each box comes with full root access, a choice of Linux distributions, and the ability to customize the setup.

What advantages does an SSD cloud server have over a dedicated server?

36cloud allows on the fly scaling—a task that is much more difficult on a dedicated box. Changing the amount of RAM on a box can be done with a simple reboot, while expanding the disk size takes less than an hour. The same process can take hours or days with a dedicated setup.

The prices are awesomely low! Does 36cloud make a profit?

We are able to make enough profit to keep the lights on :)